Indices combine the most traded company stocks around the globe. Their main asset is the shares of the large corporations and moves in the market depending on their profits and losses. Some of the more popular indices that can be traded with Williampartners are the London FTSE100, Standard & Poor’s 500, Dow Jones and others. When trading indices you gain exposure to the various equity markets, helping you get the upper hand when a profit opportunity occurs.

Trade indices with Williampartners and take advantage of our low commissions, tight spreads, and leverage up to 1:50. Our extensive asset library is at your disposal where you can make your choice of a preferred index and start generating income.


Commodities are the valuable resources around which our civilization has been built. Whether it would be Metals, providing material for our industrial revolution throughout history, Agriculture that sustained and kept humanity well-fed, or Energy that kept us warm during cold winter nights, nowadays all commodities are an integral part of the financial world.

With Williampartners you can trade a plethora of commodities in many different fields:

  • Metals such as Gold, Silver, Platinum, Copper and others
  • Agricultural such as Wheat, Cocoa, Coffee, Sugar, and others
  • Energy resources such as Natural Gas, Crude Oil, and others

When trading these types of products, keep in mind that we offer you low commissions as well as tight spreads, enabling as many customers as possible to get into commodity trading.

Different commodities have different trading hours, so please check the table below in order to keep yourself informed. Even though the hours vary depending on the asset, you can always get in touch with a Williampartners representative for further information and strategies.


Trading Stocks is an excellent opportunity to get into the world of financial markets mostly because of their simplicity and popularity. Less experienced traders feel more confident when trading with popular names such as Apple, McDonalds or Coca-Cola, for example. Also, following stocks news is very accessible because almost every big news outlet reports on the largest corporations, and no financial background is needed.

Some traders like to trade with a single stock but others prefer to trade stock groups. We offer our customers a large variety of individual stocks from all over the globe. Williampartners enables you to get a hold of some of world’s leading companies and trade with their stocks.

When trading stocks with us you don’t have to wait for an uptick before going short on a stock. As with other types of assets, Stock trading gives you the opportunity to open both long and short positions.


Oil, commonly known as “Black Gold”, is considered one of the most appealing trading assets in the market today. Its wide use in the energy sector both as fuel and gas makes it a sought after trading opportunity.

The constant demand for Oil from all over the world results in highly dynamic market movements that can deliver high profitability to traders. Trade Oil with Williampartners and take advantage of our low commissions and high leverage. If you wish to gain further information, you can always contact our representatives who will lend you their expertise and share with you some strategies, both beginner and advanced.